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Dealers' Room

List of D3 Dealers [coming soon]

Dear Denvention Dealer...

We are still accepting applications for the D3 Dealer Room. For more information, please read over the information in our Dealers' Room packet and mail in your application.

If you have already applied, and we are able to make space available to you in the D3 Dealers' Room, we hope to have a letter, sent via USPS, out to you soon after May 20th. As soon as those letters go in the mail, we will create a list of recipients and post it here.

Sales Tax
We have confirmed that both the State of Colorado and the City/County of Denver require our dealers to collect sales taxes. Therefore, if you do not already have them, you will need to purchase sales tax permits from both entities. We are researching the matter and will post details here when we have them.

To research this topic on your own, here are links to the Denver City Treasury Division and the Colorado Department of Revenue

We suggest you bookmark this page, and check it from time to time for updates.

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