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Membership Information and Rates

At-Con Rates * * Membership Types * * Membership Transfers * * Alphabetic Denvention 3 Membership List

Online membership management. From this link you can buy new memberships, upgrade existing ones, lookup your membership or change your membership information. To upgrade an existing membership or update your information you must have your PIN number. Find this on the mailing label from one of the Progress Reports or from your online registration receipt. If you do not have your PIN, please send an email with your name, address, and phone number to and will we send it to you.

If you'd rather not use a secure online form, download our membership form (pdf), print it off, fill it in and mail it to us. You can also buy a membership at one one of the conventions we'll be visiting. Installment plan information.

Current membership rates depend on your status as a bid supporter and site selection voter. These rates are good until July 10, 2008. Preregistration will close on July 10, 2008.

A rate of $0 below indicates that you are entitled to a free membership of that type and you do not need to send in a membership form. All rates are in US dollars.

Membership Type Adult Child
For a current, supporting member of Denvention 3
Full Attending Membership $160 $10
Full Attending Membership for Pre-supporters of Denver in 2008 $140 $0
For others
Full Attending Membership $200 $50
Full Attending Membership for Friends of Denver in 2008 $120 $0
Full Attending Membership for Pre-supporters of Denver 2008 $180 $30
Supporting Membership $50
Supporting Membership for Pre-supporters of Denver 2008 $30

Anyone who was a member of Denvention 1 (the 1941 Worldcon) is eligible for an attending membership in Denvention 3. Please write to if you are eligible.

Membership Rates after July 10 and at Denvention

Full Membership $225
Child Membership $50
Kid-in-tow Free
Wednesday $55
Thursday $75
Friday $85
Saturday $85
Sunday $35

You may buy memberships at these rates on the Registration page after July 10, and at the door at Denvention Registration.

Supporting memberships remain at $50.

Supporting members (including voters) who upgrade to a full membership receive credit for the money they have already paid ($40 or $50).

Kids-in-tow must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult at all times.

Installment plans should be paid off by July 10th.

Types of Memberships

Attending membership: A membership that grants all voting, publication and attending rights.

Supporting membership: A membership that grants publications and voting rights but not the right to attend the convention. You can upgrade to an attending membership by paying the difference between the rates.

Child membership: A membership for those under the age of 12 as of August 6th, 2008. Infants do not need a membership. If you plan to use the convention babysitting service or allow your child to participate in any children's activities---in other words, you will be separated from your child during portions of the convention---you should purchase a membership for your child.

You can check your membership status on the Membership Management page or by looking a mailing label from a Denvention mailing. You'll see one of the following letter codes on the label:

A Attending Member
C Child Member
S Supporting Member
V 2008 Worldcon Site Selection Voter
P Denver in 2008 Worldcon Bid Pre-Supporter
F Denver in 2008 Worldcon Bid Friend

Membership Transfers

Denvention 3 has set-up a new E-mail address to handle membership transfers: .

If you want to transfer your membership to another person before the convention, contact us at . Please allow seven to ten days for a membership transfer. We need the following information from the person transferring the membership: Name, Address, Postal Address, PIN Number, Membership Number. This information must match what is recorded in the membership database. Please also send the Name, Postal Address, Email Address, and Phone Number for the person to whom the membership is being transferred. The cutoff date for pre-con membership transfers is 25 July 2008.

If you wish to process a transfer by postal mail please mail the information above to Denvention3, P.O. Box 1349, Denver, CO 80201. Postal mail transfers need three weeks to process.

For at-con transfers please include the information requested above in a signed letter (on paper) and have the person who is receiving your membership bring it to the convention. At-con transfers require a phone number for the original member so that we can confirm the transfer if necessary.

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