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Programming FAQ

I am interested in being on programming at Denvention. What do I do?

Go to http://www.devention.org/wcdb/partsurvey.php and fill out the survey for program participants. This will get your name and information directly into our database and it's the best way to let us know that you are available.

I already filled out the survey, but haven't heard back. When can I expect to hear?

We plan to send out draft schedules to program participants at the end of May. This should leave plenty of time for adjustments and alterations before the final schedule goes to press in July.

If I am a program participant at Denvention 3, will I get a free membership?

It is Denvention 3's policy to choose our program participants from among the members of the convention. With the exception of our guests of honor we are not providing free memberships to program participants from the science fiction community. However, if - and only if - Denvention has money left over after all the convention bills are paid, we would like to reimburse program participants. Knowing whether we can do this, and what level of reimbursements we can make, will have to wait until after the convention.

What does that mean "from the science fiction community"?

It means people who regularly attend science fiction conventions, write science fiction, publish science fiction, or are fans, agents, or editors of science fiction - i.e. you. We will be providing a very limited number of day passes (not memberships) to people for outside the science fiction community who come in to make presentations for us, i.e. scientists, academics, craftsmen, etc. who would never attend an SF con if we hadn't asked them to come in and do their thing for us.

Hiding Behind the Wall o Books

How can I promote my books at Denvention 3?

We understand that authors, agents, and publishers may view panels as a marketing opportunity, but we think that's not quite the right way to look at things - Denvention 3 believes that you don't need to promote your book, you need to promote yourself. We'd like to urge you please not to build a wall of books and sit behind it during your panel. Instead, prepare for your panel. Think of things to say, people to quote, and questions to ask. If you impress your audience with your wit, intelligence, and erudition and they will seek out your books and buy them.

What if I don't like the schedule of panels that you send me, or don't understand why you have placed me on certain panels?

We make placements on panels based on what we know about you and your work, and on what you tell us in your program participant surveys. One of the reasons that we are planning to send out draft schedules at the end of May is to leave plenty of time for adjustments. We hope that you will take a hard look at the schedule we send and contact us if you don't like, or don't understand the panels where you have been assigned. Please E-mail to confirm or decline all program items on your schedule. If you want to be considered for different items than the ones you are scheduled for, please include suggestions that are as specific as possible - including time and date limitations. But remember that trying to juggle 469 program participants on 864 program items in 27 rooms over three venues is kind of like sorting cats by color in a zero-g cargo hold. The Programming Team will do their best to accomodate you, but we cannot always put you on the panel you want at the time you want with the people you want.

When I get to the convention, where do I pick up my badge?

All members, including program participants, go through the regular registration or pre-registration lines to pick up their badges. There will be a prominently marked Program Participant check-in table close to the registration area. Once you have your badge, go to the check-in table to get your information packet. Badge first (through the regular registration lines), then packet. The people at the check-in table will not be able to give you your program packet until you have your badge, please don't embarrass them by asking them to break the rules.

I already filled out the survey, but haven't heard back. When can I expect to hear?

The Programming Team has begun sending out schedules to program participants, but there are over 400 individual emails to send, so please don't panic if you don't get yours today. If you submitted a survey but do not receive a schedule by 10 June, please contact to let them know.

My bio isn't up on the website yet! What's up with that?

Programming has a staff of writers working to get the bios up on the net. Please remember that all of our staff are volunteers and that we do our convention work in our copious spare time while holding down day jobs. We are working as fast as we can to get everyone's bio up on the web, and plan to be finished by the end of July. Please don't send us your bio or photo. We are using a standard format, and one of our staff will contact you as soon as your name gets to the top of the list. We have posted a full list of names to the Program Participants List, but not all have links to bios and photos. Please be patient, and please cooperate with our staff when they contact you. Thank you!

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