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Archival 2008 Hugo Nomination Ballot

Nominating ballot had to have been received by Midnight Pacific Standard Time, Saturday, March 1, 2008, in order to be counted. This page is being maintained only for archival purposes only.

Who May Nominate Works for a Hugo Award?

You must be an attending or supporting member of Denvention 3, or have been an attending or supporting member of Nippon, to nominate works for Hugos. The deadline for joining Denvention 3 in order to be eligible to make 2008 Hugo Award nominations is January 31, 2008. To purchase a membership in Denvention 3, see the Registration page.

What Is Eligibile for a Hugo Award?

Works published in 2007 for the first time anywhere or for the first time in English are eligible for the Hugo Awards being awarded in 2008. Books are considered to have been published on the publication date which usually appears with the copyright information on the back of the title page. If there is no stated publication date, the copyright date will be used instead. A dated periodical is considered to have been published on the cover date, regardless of when it was placed on sale or copyrighted. Serialized stories or dramatic presentations are eligible in the year in which the last installment appears. A number of Web sites discuss Hugo and Campbell history and eligibility.

The 2007 WSFS Business Meeting, as authorized by section 3.2.3 of the WSFS Constitution, passed a resolution providing that works originally published outside the United States of America and first published in the United States of America in 2007 shall also be eligible for the 2008 Hugo Awards, unless they have already appeared on a final Hugo Award ballot.

Other rules of eligibility are given with the specific categories.

Exclusions: The Denvention 3 Committee has irrevocably delegated all Hugo Administration authority to a subcommittee. Therefore, only Mary Kay Kare, Kent Bloom, Liz Copeland, and Jeff Copeland are ineligible for the 2008 Hugo Awards.

Instructions for the Electronic Form

Complete all information in the Member Information section to ensure the ballot is counted. If you have moved, and not notified Denvention 3 of your new address, put your old address in the Member Information section, and note your new address in the Comments and Clarification box at the end of the form.

You do not have to nominate in every category, or make the maximum five nominations in a category, for the form to be valid. In case of submission of multiple forms, whether electronic or paper, Denvention 3 will use the earliest form, as determined by submission date (electronic) or reception date (paper). (If you are submitting a corrected ballot because of a previous error, please indicate so in the Comments and Clarifications box.).

You may nominate up to five choices in each category. However, you are permitted (and even encouraged) to make fewer nominations or none at all if you are not familiar with a category. The nominations form is not a preferential-type form. The nominations are equally weighted, therefore the order in which you list them has no effect on the outcome.

"No Award" will appear automatically in every category on the final form -- there is no need to include it on this nomination form.

Please include source information when possible. While this is not mandatory, it does make it easier to identify what you are nominating. In the context of this form, a "professional publication" is one that had an average press run of at least 10,000 copies per issue.

The five top nominees in each category (more in case of ties, fewer if not many nominations are cast in that category) will appear on the final Hugo Awards ballot, which will be distributed with Denvention 3's Progress Report Four (scheduled for publication in April 2008). Only members of Denvention 3 will be eligible to vote on the final Hugo ballot.

Please note that items may be relocated to a different category by the Hugo administrator if they are within 20% of the category boundary (such as in the case of: Novel/Novella, Novella/Novelette, Novelette/Short Story, and Dramatic Presentation, Long Form/Dramatic Presentation, Short Form).

If You Have Problems Submitting an Electronic Form

Denvention has tested the electronic ballot from XP (Firefox 2, Opera 8, Internet Explorer 7 and Netscape 8), Windows 95 (Internet Explorer 5), Mac and Linux. If you have any difficulties completing the ballot online, send the Webmaster E-mail. If there are problems with the online form near the deadline, please download and print the PDF version.

Be sure to keep your ballot open in the browser until you press the Send Form button at the bottom of this page.

Note: Denvention 3's PR 2 was mailed without PIN numbers. If you kept your mailing label from a previous mailing, you have a copy of your PIN. If you are a Denvention member and you still need a PIN to vote online, E-mail with your name and address.

If you have question about nominating for the Hugos, write to the Hugo Administrator.

Denvention 3 Member Information

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