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New hotel added and plenty of hotel rooms left - reserve your room now!

Thinking about working on Denvention? Stop by our Open House on Friday, May 9, between 7pm and 11pm at the Crowne Plaza Denver (1450 Glenarm Place, Denver) to meet committee members and find out about available jobs.

2008 Hugo Final Ballot (online voting version) and PDFs of Progress Report 3, the 2008 Hugo Final Ballot and the 2010 Site Selection Ballot are all online.

Welcome to the Website for the 2008 World Science Fiction Convention, a five day celebration of the science fiction field. Previous Denventions were held in Denver in 1941 and 1981; this will be the first Denvention of the new Millennium. Denvention will attract several thousand science fiction readers from around the world to the Colorado Convention Center and several nearby hotels. You can buy Worldcon memberships here at the site. If you have any questions about memberships or want to buy one, go to the memberships page.

LoisMcMasterBujold Lois McMaster Bujold
Artist Guest
RickSternbach Rick Sternbach
TomWhitmore Tom Whitmore
WilMcCarthy Wil McCarthy
KathyMar Kathy Marr
RobertA.Heinlein Robert A. Heinlein

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Denvention 3 will participate in Pass Along Funds.

Questions? Comments? Please contact our , Kent Bloom. Want to volunteer? Fill out our volunteer form.

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